Monday, January 27, 2014

The Underwater World: Grade 1- 3 (November 2013)

I work as a roaming Art Teacher for grades 1-3 in Ben Tzvi in Afula once a week.
I have 2 classes of each grade and 143 pupils all in all! And teach them ALL in 1 day!
It’s definitely quite a challenge, but ever so rewarding!!And I love it!!!!

I wanted to do a project with all 3 of my grades .Something that we could collaborate to make something special! To show them that each on his own is special & beautiful but together we are amazing!
I thought underwater would be something bright & colourful!
I must say I was a bit apprehensive but it was a very successful, though hard working project!
The grade 3’s started with the background, I took them out of the classroom and I must say it was a bit wild!but they had fun & made beautiful backgrounds! I decided not to take the others out as 45 mins just isn’t enough!
The grade 2’s & 1’s were instructed to draw fish and seaweed (I prepared some worksheets with ideas which I handed out for those that wanted inspiration) I reminded the kids that if we copy something we must always change some details to make it our own!
I then took home all the paintings of fish and that’s when the hard work started I cut out all the fish & stuck them on the backgrounds (a surprisingly long process! Really it took me over 3 hours!)
Just look at the wonderful results!!!We are all very proud!
And the schools walls are brightened up!
Grade 3's working together

Great textures happening

Working together

Different shades of blue
Paints, pastels, markers, pencils and happily painting children

Cutting out the fish

One board done!

And another

Loving those colours!

Each fish has its place under the sea!

Even mermaids & castles!

Three boards connected and up on the wall!

Two boards connected & up on our walls!

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