Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Art with a splash of English – Emily’s Tiger

Oh I just loved this book!!! “Emily’s Tiger” by Miriam Latimer. The colours and the details are just gorgeous. The kids loved the story!
We painted a nice big paper with bright blue (I thought it would go nicely with the orange of the tiger) and then came back to the table.
I had prepared them the body parts of our tiger on newspaper. (I really love the texture of the newspaper shining through! It gives a great recycle-y effect) They cut out the body parts and then got to paint them with my marvelous new Tempera paints! They were as excited as I was with our new paints and their tigers got to be all sorts of colours! I love how this age group loves to use their imagination! The stripes turned to dots on some of their tigers.
Unfortunately we didn’t have time to glue it all together as the paints were not dry yet but we started our next lesson with 5 min.s of gluing it all in place and adding some stars in the background.
What absolutely fantastic results!!!

Emily's Tiger and my worksheet that I prepare for the kids.
learning English words for the body parts
Waiting for our bits & pieces to dry 

I just love how each tiger has his own energy & personality!

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