About me

Hi! I'm Claudia !

A mother of 4 amazing, creative and vibrant children! Truelly blessed!!!Surrounded by great amounts of colour, chaos, noise, an unreal amount of washing and the beautiful surrounding of our kibbutz, nestled in the Jezreel Valley.
Along with illustrating Children's Books, running my own company called "Cloudscape Designs" I have began a new adventure(and life long dream) of teaching art !!!
In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than children's art! I love it!!! and am very honored to be part of their journey!!
At the moment I teach at 4 different schools and love the different energies & challenges.

I see that so many artists out there are so willing to share their knowledge! I thank you! You have inspired me to do the same! Please link back to me wherever possible! A lot of thought and hard work goes into creating them and its so great to see them carrying on!

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