Thursday, June 26, 2014

“I’m me! I’m Different! And proud” - Portraits

I work as a roaming Art Teacher for grades 1-3 in Ben Tzvi Primary School in Afula once a week.I work through a wonderful organization called Keren Karev.
I have 2 classes of each grade and 143 pupils all in all! And teach them ALL in 1 day!
It’s definitely quite a challenge, but ever so rewarding!!And I love it!!!!

Thanks to Patsy from Deep Space Sparkle I was able to tackle portraits! I bought Patsy’s amazing PDF “Fun with Portraits” it is fantastically laid out & very helpful! Thank you!!! As always soooo inspiring!

We took 2 lessons to complete our portraits .I bought some mirrors & showed the children how beautiful they are .They loved this!
We worked with pastels, watercolors & gouache using artlines for our outlines.

Just look at all these gorgeous, beautiful, amazing children!!!

Grade 2's looking at their amazing results

Wonderful, colourful and fun portraits with my Grade 2's
Self Portraits with my Grade 1's

Self Portraits with my Grade 2's

Self Portraits with my Grade 3's

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