Friday, July 18, 2014

Faux Stained Glass in a frame-Art with a Splash of English(Tal Menashe)

Teaching English in a fun & creative way …
I found this wonderful idea on Suzys Artsy CraftySitcom for faux (fake)stained glass and loved it! Thank you Suzy for your fantastic & inspiring ideas!!!
After reading our English story the girls & I used Artline pens to trace the designs that they chose.
We mixed the acrylic paints with white plastic glue and they started to paint (make sure they paint on the opp. side of the outlines).They also painted and decorated their frames with acrylics.
They absolutely loved painting with the thick shiny "new" paint!
To add an extra dimension we even stuck aluminum foil on the back of some of them; it really gives a fun, sparkly effect.
Just look at the wonderful results!
Faux Stained Glass with my Tal Menashe girls

Faux Stained Glass with my Tal Menashe girls

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