Friday, May 03, 2013

Art with Claudia– Jerusalem

This was a class with a difference! It was my youngest, Etai's class (25 grade 1 boys!)Eeeek!!!! Specially seeing that my English Art classes are 6 max!
We wanted to do something about Jerusalem as it was Jerusalem Day coming up. Being passionate about recycling I decided to do something with recycled goods. I had to find something small without too much mess & fuss. Toilet rolls would do the trick!
We collected toilet paper rolls, a serious amount of marker pens, paper & a glue gun.
I showed them how to draw different buildings & icons found in Jerusalem & we went for it!
I also had a few gold pens up my sleeve for the domes! and just for fun we added red roofs.
The results were astounding! Great fun was had by all! I was simple, small & just perfect for them
And they were ever so proud of their great creations!

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