Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Art with a splash of English –Baskets of Fruit

Being a Children’s Book Illustrator myself I like to incorporate stories & books wherever I can!
Greatly inspired by this book “Handa’s Surprise” by Eileen Browne I decided to do an activity, for my grade 1’s, based on it.
After reading them the story, which they loved, we got to learn all the names for fruit, as well as the animals that surprise us!
I gave them each a paper plate and we looked decorative baskets from Africa. They then decorated their plates with a black marker using ideas of the patterning that we had looked at.
We had a bowl of fruit on the table and they got to draw the different fruit. We used marker pens & my watercolour pencils from Caran d’ache .We then carefully cut out the fruit and filled our baskets.
The kids were delighted and enjoyed every moment!!

Handa's Suprise
Drawing fruit

Decorating plates & cutting out fruit

Mmmm yummy colours!

Wow!Look at Bel's wonderous bowl!

I love this bowl and all the delicate fruit!
Love this energetic bowl and fruit!!
So vibrant and full of life!!Beautiful!

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