Monday, May 20, 2013

Art with a splash of English –Paper Mache Bowls

(This project was a double lesson with grade 1’s)
As a kid I loved Paper Mache so I decided that we would make bowls together.
Teaching English in a fun & creative way I decided today we read out the recipe in English. Once we had followed the instructions we had a lovely pasty, sloshy mush to work with. We tore bits of newspaper and layered our balloons or bowls (don’t forget to line them with a generous helping of Vaseline-so that it doesn’t stick) until we reached a decent thickness. The kids loved the therapeutic feeling of massaging the balloon!!!
The next week they were delighted to see the results! And were quick to start painting.
Being a Children’s Book Illustrator myself I like to incorporate stories & books wherever I can! While painting I read them the wonderful story “Too Much Talk” a West African tale which was thoroughly enjoyed!!
Their bowls were a great success! I’m not sure whether I preferred using the balloons or the small bowls!? The results are quite different! I especially liked the bowl that wasn’t cut around the edges!!
Just look at all the colour! Magnificent!!!

Just look at those colours!

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