Sunday, April 06, 2014

Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers

Hi! I work as a roaming Art Teacher for grades 1-3 in Ben Tzvi in Afula once a week.
I have 2 classes of each grade and 143 pupils all in all! And teach them ALL in 1 day!
It’s definitely quite a challenge, but ever so rewarding!!And I love it!!!!

Inspired by the wonderfully bright, vivid & larger than life flowers of Georgia O'Keeffe I decided to do a project with the kids. It worked well as it also tied in with spring.
I also took the opportunity of teaching them about the colour-wheel & contrasting colours.

I introduced them to Georgia O'Keeffe and we looked at her amazing paintings that I made posters of.
I told them to imagine themselves as being as small as a beetle or fairy & feel the huge size of the flower. I instructed them to try to reach at least 3 sides of the paper.
We worked on black paper with oil pastels (grade 3’s) & blue paper (grade 2’s)
We also looked at how the pastels came out on black paper & how if you added white it changed the outcome also gave out small printed colour-wheels and encouraged them to use contrasting colours in their backgrounds. They also loved discovering new colours by mixing 2 colours together.
I took 2 lessons for this project although some did manage to finish in 1.
I was most concerned that the boys wouldn't want to draw flowers but they loved it too!

The results were spectacular & we were all very happy & excited !!!

I cant wait to hang them up!!!
I love this pic!They are all having so much fun!

My one class of grade 3's with their amazing creations!!!
Grade 3 at Ben Tzvi

Grade 2's working on blue paper

Grade 3's  pastels on black paper

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  1. Anonymous4/06/2014

    wonderful work glad you persisted! xx