Sunday, June 01, 2014

Alice in Wonderland

I work as a roaming Art Teacher for grades 1-3 in Ben Tzvi in Afula once a week.
I have 2 classes of each grade and 143 pupils all in all! And teach them ALL in 1 day!
It’s definitely quite a challenge, but ever so rewarding!!And I love it!!!!

As part of the art program I teach through Keren Karev "Alice in Wonderland" was on the charts.
We were given great posters of Alice and her adventures which I showed the kids. They then told me that they had a book and we looked at the pictures together.
My grade 2’s are very creative, but also very active so I like to give them 3D options. I am constantly on the lookout & collecting all sorts of goodies. I had collected a whole box of cards that weren't full packs.
Add some plasticine, match sticks & marker pens & there you have it!

Fun, fun, fun!
My amazing Grade 1's

Look at all these great card people!

What an amazing combination of collage and materials by Ori Grade 2


  1. Hello Marvellous Art Teacher
    I love this idea....want to do it myself.
    What a pity I didn't see this a short while ago - before I finally threw out the giant-sized playing cards I'd used for Stella's magic party a few years ago. Silly me.

    1. Thanks Kerry! Yeah it was great fun & sort of morphed into its own idea!
      oooh giant cards!now that would have been fun!!!