Thursday, November 22, 2012

Art with a splash of English – Outer Space

So we have learnt about "Under the sea" and "Down in the Jungle"! Now it’s the sky and out there!
And being a textile designer & painting with textile ink all day I thought the kids would enjoy painting on pillow cases!
We looked at pictures of planets, stars and outer space. We learnt words like space & spaceship…
I gave each kid a permanent marker let them start creating! We learnt that mistakes could became masterpieces and not to be afraid to try something new!
The result was totally outstanding! I then heat set the pillows, wash them & once dry they each have a beautiful fun & colourful Outer-Space-Pillow-Case!Sweet dreams!!!
Once the outlines have been drawn they can start to paint

Wonderful drawings and great sense of colour!

Carefully and slowly they adorn their pillows with colour

These are my wonderful textile inks that I mix myself

My youngest in the group creates an amazing outer space

Beautiful finished artwork!

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