Sunday, November 18, 2012

Art with a splash of English - Down in the Jungle

This was my very second teaching lesson and it was certainly one of the best! At time we were still having our lessons in our dining room. I did it with my grade 1’s and then again with my grade 3’s (both thoroughly enjoyed it!)
Fun, giggles and lots of creativity!
Being a Children’s Book Illustrator myself I like to incorporate stories & books wherever I can! Here we “read” the wonderful book “The Animal Boogie” by Debbie Harter. I say “read” because it’s a book with a sing-along CD with a very catchy & fun tune. (The kids at the crèche I worked in couldn’t get enough of it!)
We looked at other books & pictures of animals…I also put some plastic animals in the center of our table. I gave them each marker pens & told them to go wild! (Marker pens really allow them to draw without too much thinking & planning. I find working in pencil first really stints their creativity and most times they rub out the most beautiful drawings)
Then we used my most favorite watercolour inks and I also told them that I didn’t want to see any white! I wanted to see that the animals were in the deep dark jungle. We also used salt on the wet inks which gives a most wonderful effect.
We learnt all the names of the animals in English, we boogied to the music and the kids created wonderful master-pieces!!! The colours were magical and full of great energy!
The kids were amazed at themselves!!

My group of little-ies drawing so beautifully!

Drawing with the Marker pen

Painting with brilliant, vibrant inks and adding salt

Oooooh look at those colours!

Wow!Look at Orah's beautiful painting shes only 3 & a half!

My older group really getting that jungle fever!

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