Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Art with a splash of English – Houses & Buildings

Being a Children’s Book Illustrator myself I like to incorporate stories & books wherever I can!
Teaching English in a fun & creative way I decided today we would learn words for buildings.
We looked at different houses & buildings around the world. I showed them a book that I had written & illustrated "Save the Star" . We saw that buildings looked different in different parts of the world. We looked at huts, castles, flats, temples, towers and more. We learnt words like windows, doors, walls….
We folded our papers in half, drawing the building on the top half and then carefully cut the doors and windows open to reveal what was inside. The kids delighted in surprising me with all kinds of creatures, messages & even curtains.
One kid, inspired by the floods in Tel Aviv on that particular day & the book "All Afloat on Noah's Boat", drew Noah's Ark as his building
Great fun was had by all!
Houses & buildings in a city, love those colourful windows!

Castles & towers, just love the gold!

I love the detail of the roof tops!

Yay!markers or if you're South African "kokis"!

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