Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Inspired by Deep Space Sparkle

Wow! Today I discovered the most amazing site! And I would like to give her credit & tell you about her! Patty's classes are so what I dream to do!And although I'm just starting out it was great to see that I'm on the right track!!
Being a Children's Book Illustrator myself I have relied on stories for years!(I totally survived babyhood with 4 kids due to the huge pile of story books next to my bed!)
 In my classes I read stories to my kids and just love to see their eyes wide open & loving it! And with my older kids we use books & famous artists as inspiration and reference.
But thanks to Patty from Deep Space Sparkle with all her years of experience & knowledge I feel confident & further inspired! What a beautiful site! & so well designed! You can even buy PDF's from her to help plan your lessons! Wonderful!!! Have a look she's a great inspiration!

And it was so much fun!!!I cant wait to tell you all about it!
I do always pride myself with the fact that I try to come up with my own ideas and put a lot of thought and plan into each lesson, but I must say it's lovely to have some guidance! Some extra sparkle!
One of the things I'm always teaching my kids that even when we use someone else's idea or are inspired by something we must always try to add our own spice to it!
So thank you Patty you are amazing!!!!!

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