Thursday, February 21, 2013

Art with a Splash of English- Africa

Teaching English in a fun and creative way to my class of older girls (grade 4) I decided today we would draw African woman carrying baskets or clay-pots. We leant about patterns, inks and the richness of Arican colours. We were inspired by my series of books of "African Design" and each given a black marker pen . Some of the girls insisted on working in pencil first. We then painted with my marvelous water-color inks. Just look at the beautiful results!!!
After Hodaya has finished her frame she starts to draw her ladies

Hodaya busy with her outlines
I just love Sapire's line work
Kinneret's close up is wonderful!and I love her frame!


Emma-Lee painted her and her grandparents, a tribute to her grandfather
so beautiful!

Hodaya's stunning use of colour had us dazzled!

Hodaya's finished art work

Emma-Lee's beautiful artwork





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