Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Art with Claudia - Curtain of fun

Ok so this is a post with a difference .It was'nt a class I gave but research for a book I wrote and illustrated."Claudi's Curtain" published by Cambridge University Press.

It was a project that took a lot of time both collecting the materials and actually doing the work but it was well worth it!!! And it was a great family experience!

We collected, we washed and dried!
We made holes, cut shapes and made interseting designs.We found this amazing thread with rainbow colours( but you can use any strong, thick string) and started the fun of threading them in a fun and dynamic way.Once we had many beaded lines of string we hung them up next to each other AND behold a "curtain of fun"!!!

I also did this with a class of Grade 4's as a school project which was great & very successful!

I am planning on doing it this year with my new students, as I am starting to work at schools & Activity Centres! Sooooo exciting!!!

I like to call these snowflakes!

The top half of the bottles make great tulip shapes

oooh what lovely colours!

cut plastic bottles into great shapes

collect bottle caps

make holes in the lids

Just look at the results!Soooo fun!

Claudi's Curtain of Fun!!!

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