Monday, September 30, 2013

Art with a splash of English – Spots and dots!

I am very excited as today is my first lesson in Tel Menashe, with a group of new girls ranging from pre-school to grade 3.Teaching English in a fun & creative way I decided today we would start off with something fun and colorful and simple but effective. I had recently bought the wonderful book “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds and loved the illustrations and the wonderful message! Just the perfect way to get started!

Unfortunately my studio was not available yet, but we were blessed by one of the moms offering us her patio…so we got to enjoy the outdoor air too!

We read the delightful story, on my magic carpet; translating each page …they loved it!

I gave the girls each a cut out circle in different colours and asked them to stick it on their page as our starting point .I also gave them black pastels and suggested that they could make rings around the circle(like a tree).Others stayed with the dot idea.

The girls were delighted with the wonderful paints (I use Giotto tempera)the radiant colours and wonderful results!

Great fun was had by all!

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