Monday, January 27, 2014

Art with a splash of English-28/10/13-4/11/13 (Tal Menashe)

A group project once again, this time with the “littlies”. grade1-3's

After reading the great book “The glass bottom boat” by Peter Harris

We spent the first lesson painting the background with different shades of blue & green on great big sheets of paper. The following week we drew fish with black pastels and painted the watercolors. The results were spectacular.

I then cut out the fish and stuck them on our beautiful sea background. Just look at the beautiful aquarium we now have in our studio. A wonderful way to “jell” a class and have fun doing it and a great way to decorate our white walls in our new studio in Tal Menashe.

After drawing the outlines with an oil pastel they start filling in the colour

Three shades of blue

Look at how they are all working together so nicely

Adding some more details with oil pastels

Beautiful drawings with black pastel & watercolors

I just love this fish!

Beautiful shapes, pattern & colour!

After carefully cutting out all the fish I glued them onto the beautifully prepared background...spectacular!!!

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