Monday, March 24, 2014

A Map of the World -Together we make something new

I work as a roaming Art Teacher for grades 1-3 in Ben Tzvi in Givat haMoreh-outside Afula once a week.
I have 2 classes of each grade and 143 pupils all in all! And teach them ALL in 1 day!
And all in Hebrew!
It’s definitely quite a challenge, but ever so rewarding!!And I love it!!!!

This was a project I did together with my grade 3’s.We had a quotation to express as an artwork. (In Hebrew obviously)-Loosely translating to small things together making something new .With my love for collage I wanted to create a large picture that everyone could do a small part of it .I thought immediately of Van Gogh’s corn fields, but after talking to my instructor (Michal) we thought it would be great to do something that would also go hand in hand with the motto of this year “I’m different”.
After some thinking I decided to do a map of the world.(it also has room for stars & a funky frame)
I have wonderful pieces of cardboard cut into squares, put them all together & drew the map. I colour coded it & all it was ready for the kids.

I got the kids to work in pairs and gave them glue, magazines and coloured paper .They really got the concept of collaging this time & it was great fun!
My outlines of the world
Bits & bobs of colour paper that I have been collecting for years

Oooooh such fun!Magazine cuttings
Look at how beautifully they worked together!
What a wonderful collage of our world!I love it!

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