Monday, March 24, 2014

Art with a splash of English- Trees for Tu BiShvat (Tal Menashe)

Something fun for my littlies!(Preschoolers & grade 1’s)
 Being close to "Tu BiShvat" the Jewish Holiday celebrating the birthday of the trees I thought it appropriate to do something fun with trees. After seeing how successfully the kids at school had drawn their hands I thought it would be a great start for the tree.
After reading our English story together and having our normal discussions & giggles we all sat around our table ready to start.
I gave then each a brown recycled page of paper & they drew their hands, cut them out & stuck them on beautifully radiant blue paper!
They have finally caught on to collaging & love it! They also worked with markers and stickers.

I think it was a greatly successful project! So colourful & fun!
Trees for Tu BiShvat- Studio in Tal Menashe

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